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Urban, Vertical and Sustainable Farming


Fresh ~ Local ~ Sustainable ~ Grown to Order

We have a wide range of micro vegetables and herbs cultivating at our

urban farm at Micro Acres Wales. 'Microgreens' are young vegetables and herbs, freshly harvested, by hand, before reaching maturity. They have delicate textures and distinctive flavours. 


Our microgreens are so versatile, as a culinary flavour enhancement to any dish. Including fish, meat, pasta, risotto, curries, salads, soups, roasts and sandwiches. So convenient too, just add straight from the fridge, garnish your dish with a 'sprinkle'. We deliver locally to restaurants, hotels, shops and private customers.


We have an increasingly varied produce range and we are always looking to expand!


Our most popular and regular range includes:
















If there are other varieties that you would like to receive, please just let us know!

As part of our philosophy, we have an ethical respect for nature, which is why all of our produce is farmed locally, sustainably and responsibly. We sow, germinate, cultivate and harvest to order, so you can be sure that anything you buy at Micro Acres Wales is optimal in freshness, taste and nutrition. Most varieties take a 8 - 12 days from order to kitchen ready. We are committed to the 'Farm to Fork' farming.

If there is anything you would like us to source for you then please just

 let us know.