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Frequently Asked Questions


What are 'Microgreens'?

'Microgreens' are small and young vegetables, herbs and shoots. Seeds are sown, cultivated and harvested before they develop into mature plants. This ensures you eat the shoots and leaves whilst they are still full of vital healthy vitamins and minerals. It is said that microgreens are between four and forty times the density found in their more mature versions. 

Microgreens contain high levels of vitamins A,B, C, E, K and vital minerals such as
Potassium,Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc. 

How do we grow our microgreens?

Image by Denise Johnson

1. We source our organic seeds from reputable seed suppliers here in the U.K. 

2. We sow the seeds into trays and they are put into a darkened environment to germinate. 

3. We transfer them to racks in a position under the propagator lights. This is a Controlled Environment Production (CEP) area to optimise growing and nutrition. 

4. We harvest the micro plants on the day of delivery or collection to keep the nutrition, taste, appearance and quality at their optimum. 

Are microgreens versatile?


Microgreens are endlessly versatile and can be utilised in many different ways:

  • creating super salads

  • as main ingredients

  • as toppings or garnish

  • in sauces

  • in sandwiches 

  • in burgers

  • as dressings

  • spreads and dips

  • in smoothies 















Microgreens have delicate textures and distinctive flavours and so are perfect for culinary flavour enhancement.


What happens to the compost and 'roots and shoots' after harvesting?


We feel strongly that all parts of the process, production and produce are not considered to be 'wasteful'. We compost much of the 'roots and shoots' and soil ourselves, with our neighbours and fellow growers/allotment owners. There are some local chickens that also benefit from their nutritious remains. 

Who are our customers?

We sell direct to our neighbours, personal trainers and their clients, gyms, cafes, vegans, vegetarians, customers in our local community, through local farmer's markets, direct to chefs and catering businesses, health food stores, zero waste stores and at local delicatessens and farmers shops. Anyone privately or professionally who wishes to personally or commercially benefit from the versatility of microgreens in their tastes, textures, flavours, nutritious values and various uses. Also those who wish to buy locally grown produce with no pesticides. 

What about delivery?

We deliver locally, on the day of harvest (where possible).  It is free delivery within 5 miles or if the order exceeds £20 

How long do they last?

Each microgreen will have a 'best before' date on its label. This is usually around 7 days after harvesting. But this is if the microgreens are kept in an air tight sealed tub/bag in a refrigerator.


If you purchase 'living trays' then their shelf life is longer, up to two weeks and you harvest them yourself, straight from the tray, as you require.  or if you use your own sealed bags, make sure you empty as much air out of them as possible, and make sure they are as 'dry' as possible, i.e. not just been watered before cutting and storing.  

Sometimes a paper towel (non-printed) can be placed at the bottom of the container/bag to improve the quality of the harvested produce because they 'soak up' the moisture whilst they are chilled.  

Do I have to do anything to prepare the microgreens?

Yes you do! A really important part of preparing microgreens is the washing before use

How do the plastic tubs fit into your 'eco' values?

After lots of soul searching and research we have decided to offer fully recyclable food grade (PET) clamshells. The reason we have not opted for 'compostable' versions is that there aren't any commercial facilities in Wales for composting and so these actually end up in landfill as they are not recyclable. So the lesser environmental impact, whilst keeping the produce at optimum nutritional, taste, appearance and condition, is to offer 100% recyclable containers. 

Customers can return our containers for re-use. Or they can supply their own, for example an air tight lunch box. we can harvest and fill the container for the customer then. In fact, we offer a discount to customers who decide to utilise this option and service. These options endorse and support our eco, sustainable and environmentally friendly ethos. 

Why grow microgreens using controlled environment farming ?

With the rise of climate change, the increase of carbon footprints, the reduction in availability of agricultural land, the need to grow and buy locally to become more self-sufficient, the impact of businesses on the environment, we have researched and found this to be the future of vegetable and herb farming.


Controlled Environment Farming  (C.E.F.) uses less water, less land, less energy in the process of production. It also offers 365 days a year farming and is not susceptible to the variations in climate and weather conditions. It offers urban and vertical farming in towns and cities. The delivery is local and so not adding logistical carbon footprints beyond local travel, with no large lorries importing goods. 

The propagation lights we use are considerably low energy LED's and our energy supply is from 100% renewable energy sources. 

C.E.F. allows the produce to be constant in availability, standards and availability. 

Communities can become more self-sufficient and urban areas can be utilised to effectively grow nutritious food locally.


What is there not to love about C.E. F.? 

How do I order from Micro Acres Wales?

There are a number of ways to order from Micro Acres Wales.

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