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Our Urban Vertical Farm

Since our first single tray trial grow in our kitchen, to four expansions in our detached double garage, our grow area has increased to our 'urban farm' along with the produce range to meet the customer demand. Our current grow area is 6m by 5m. 

Chris has enjoyed the designing, building and growing journey, completing it all himself! Well with a little help from our son Harrison and Donna's tea making and biscuit ferrying. Although, Chris may say that Donna tried to project manage!

He is multi-talented! Building the farm, growing, producing, harvesting and delivering the microgreens to our customers.  

You can watch our start-up story, documented by BBC Wales, by clicking here:


Since our BBC story, we have been overwhelmed with the support from a local business Cenin. This is opening a wonderful opportunity to support business expansion into 2023 and beyond. We are moving into a unit, 50ft by 27ft with outdoor space for growing too. This will enable us to grow our operation in terms of volume, range and new products that are in the pipeline! We are so thankful to Cenin for their support with this and are really excited for what the future and our business opportunities for supplying our local community will allow.

A shout out to Tech Tyfu, through Mentor Mon, who have supported us through the 'Scale Up' project and provided us with some initial equipment, advice and support. An article about the project can be found here:

Keep an eye on our social media to keep up to date with our news and farm expansion!


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