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Dog Friendly Microgreens that are Beneficial too!

As a dog loving family we were delighted to hear that our microgreens are in fact beneficial to our precious pooches too! Dogs and humans can benefit from the the mighty #microgreens

The benefits of #microgreensfordogs were discovered in the following article:

You can order a weekly #subscription of a dog friendly microgreen salad mix from right here at #microacreswales

Small salad box for dogs - £2.00 (250cc)

Medium salad box for dogs - £3.00 (500cc)

Large salad box for dogs - £4.50 (1000cc)

We will add these to our shop and you will have options for collection/delivery at drop off point.

Get in touch to order or to find out more!

Our own gorgeous fur baby has ben enjoying the microgreen delights too! Our fox red Labrador 'Sam'.

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