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Getting Ready for the Business Growth Wales Awards Ceremony 2022

Well, who would have thought, that when we started this journey of Micro Acres Wales, growing micro greens, that we are just over a week away from attending an Awards Ceremony with 'Business Growth Wales'?

A huge shout out to all the finalists for the 'South Wales 2022' Awards.

We are totally honoured to be considered and have made it to the finalists in three different categories:


We were super excited to meet the judge for the 'food, drink and hospitality' category at our urban farm today! This was a fabulous opportunity to share our produce, for the judge to taste the intense flavours of microgreens in return for receiving great feedback and some useful advice for 'expansion' to the business too. We are always learning, striving to improve and evaluating for refining processes and techniques.


This second category links to the 'innovation' in the growing process we use at our urban vertical farm.

Our research points to vertical farming using Controlled Environment Farming (C.E.F.) being the future of vegetable and herb farming, with a reduction in the availability of agricultural land, more densely populated urban areas and the current agricultural impact on the climate crisis. The impact of Brexit and the pandemic has taught us that communities would dramatically benefit from self-sufficiency. What’s more, we’re doing all this by utilising the urban space on a housing estate – so we’re proof that communities anywhere can become more self-sufficient and urban areas can be utilised to effectively grow nutritious food locally.


A category and award that is very close to our hearts, environmental responsibility.

At Micro Acres Wales our philosophy is built on an ethical respect for nature, with all produce farmed locally, sustainably and responsibly – sowing, cultivating and harvesting to order, so that everything bought at Micro Acres is optimal in terms of freshness, taste and nutrition.

Controlled Environment Farming (C.E.F.) uses less water, less land and less energy in the process of production, producing consistency of supply and standards. It also provides 365 days a year farming that’s not susceptible to the variations in climate and weather conditions, beneficial in the Welsh climate! From a supply chain perspective offers urban and vertical farming in towns and cities. The delivery is local and so it doesn’t add to logistical carbon footprints beyond local travel, with no large lorries importing goods. The propagation lights are very low energy LED's and our energy supply is from 100% renewable energy sources – with C.E.F. enabling us to grow produce that’s constant in availability and consistent in high standards.

Our sustainable philosophy and social ethical awareness is matched by our practices. We use recyclable packaging, offer a reduction for customers who use their own packaging, and offer reusable 'tubs' for our regular customers, exchanging for a filled one upon weekly delivery.

We researched 'compostable' packaging but unfortunately there is not the provision in Wales yet for commercial composting. So if we had gone ahead with this packaging it would have ended up in landfill. Our food waste is minimised. We support FareShare Cymru as part of our commitment to reducing food waste by diverting surplus to support vulnerable people. The roots and shoots are given to local chickens and then composted, so there is no 'waste'. Lastly, we grow in order to minimise any waste too. We are totally committed to maintaining and delivering an eco and socially sustainable business to the locality.

So when do we find out who the winners are? Friday 4th March 2022, at the Business Growth Wales Awards, South Wales at the amazing 'Vale Resort' in Hensol.

We are excited and cannot wait to thank our parents for all their support, in our business start up and venture, as they celebrate the evening with us. A black tie event, out of our comfort zone, but an evening and memories to remember!

Watch this space for updates and photos!

Chris and Donna :)

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