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Fuel your Body with 'Clean' Microgreens!

Have you fallen off the 'New Years resolution' promise you made?

Are you struggling to stick to eating your healthy '5 a day'?

Don't beat yourself up, so many of us do!

Instead, look to add natures body fuel, with a sprinkle from your micro greens salad mix.

With 5 different microgreens in each large salad mix box you will not only have a convenient 'boost' of vitamins and minerals but you will add taste that goes way beyond the adult versions of the vegetables and herbs!

Your body may be 'crying' out for the right kind of 'fuel'. You wouldn't put the 'wrong fuel' in your vehicle and expect it to perform at it's optimum. Well, it is the same with your body.

What do we mean by 'clean'?

Our microgreens are all grown from 'healthy' seeds, some are organic seeds too, with organic and peat free soil and water... Yes, just water! That is it. Absolutely NO PESTICIDES. So the microgreens are as 'clean' as they can be.

How many times a week do you 'treat' yourself to a drink and cake? What is the average you would pay? Probably more than £4.50! Yes, we know how delicious they are, and yes you do deserve a 'treat'. But, does your body also deserve fresh, locally sourced 'clean' vegetables as well?

For the price of one coffee and cake treat, you can 'fuel' your body for a week. Our large microgreens salad mix can last for up to seven days in the fridge, kept in an air tight container.

They are lovingly grown by hand, nurtured and harvested by hand. Delivered to your door/place of work/business to be enjoyed. Your body will thank you! So if you live locally, we can delivery to you:

  • veg box Cardiff

  • veg delivery Pontypridd

  • veg box delivery Cowbridge

  • vegetable delivery Pontcanna

  • vegetable box Llandaff

  • vegetable delivery Bridgend

  • veg delivery Pontyclun

  • veg box delivery Llantrisant

  • vegetable delivery Church Village

  • veggies delivery Beddau

  • veg box delivery Llantwit

  • veg box delivery Llanharan

  • vegetables delivery Llanharry

  • veg box delivery Vale

So to place your order just send a quick message to Chris/Donna at:

Ring/message Chris on: 07709362618

You can also set up a weekly subscription, for regular delivery of fresh tasty local microgreens. Message to find out more.

Thanks for supporting a local family business :)

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