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We are in Print!

We are honoured to have an article written and published by Business News Wales.

Producing Sustainable Fresh Food through Vertical Urban Farming

Here is a taster:

"Creating a decarbonised economy founded on a sustainable way of living will take more than ‘just’ a transformation in the way we fuel our transport, power our industry and energise our built environment. It requires something of a paradigm shift in the way we all live – with micro and SME companies at the heart of this revolution, delivering low carbon sustainable services that, together, will drive the green economy and a new way of life.

Micro Acres Wales is one such enterprise and is already leading the way – growing a wide range of micro vegetables and herbs at their urban farm in Church Village, Pontypridd, where husband and wife team Chris and Donna Graves deliver “Farm to Fork” farming that minimises carbon use in production, transport and storage.

Our research points to this being the future of vegetable and herb farming!

Chris and Donna’s philosophy is built on an ethical respect for nature, with all produce farmed locally, sustainably and responsibly – sowing, cultivating and harvesting to order, so that everything bought at Micro Acres is optimal in terms of freshness, taste and nutrition.

We are grateful for the support and advice that we are receiving from our business mentor at Business News Wales,

What are your thoughts on urban vertical farming? Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Chris and Donna

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